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Alpine Hut -
Rifugio Marinelli
 (Italy Carnic Alps)

2.120 mts a.s.l.

see: Rifugio Lambertenghi Romanin (Alpine Hut) Wolaya See              see: Free Skipass offer Winter 2017- 2018

Rifugio Marinelli

Rifugio Marinelli and Monte CogliÓns

Dining room

Rooms with 2 beds (bank bed)

Rooms from 4 to 6 beds (all bank beds)

Room with 14 beds (bank beds)

Eastern view from Marinelli Hut

on the way up to the Marinelli
from Mt. Croce Carnico


Discover tranquil mountain trails and stay overnight in modern well equipped Rifugi (Mountain Huts). Try the local gastronomy and the good wines from our Region. A truly unforgettable experience.
Let us open the trails for you and plan your arrangements. Come and discover the beauty of the Carnic Alps, the bothanical and very interesting geological theme hikes.

Located in the North east of Italy, bordering the southernmost Region of Austria (Carinthia), the
Carnic alps are the natural divide between Austria
and Italy.

Mt.CogliÓns is, with its 2.780 meters, the highest mountain in the Carnic Alps. About 2 hours walk from the Marinelli. The top, with a cross and a bell, offers in nice weather, a beautiful view of the entire Carnic Alps, from the Dolomites to the  Triglav  (Slovenia), Grossglockner (Austria), not to forget the Adriatic Sea. The mountain is very famous also for the battles that took place here in World War I.

The Rifugio Marinelli is opened from July to September and offers accommodation in nice, comfortable multibedded rooms. Lunch and Dinner from local gastronomy is served at reasonable prices. It stands on grassy slopes under Mount Floriz and overlooking the CogliÓns group.
It was built in 1901; after various rebuildings is now a comfortable place that can accommodate about
50 persons
in: 2 x 2 bedded rooms, 2 x 4 bedded rooms, 4 x 6 bedded rooms and a bigger room with
14 bank beds. Toilette and Showers available on each Floor.

The Marinelli is the ideal departure point to ascend the various mountains. The easyest way to hike to the top of the CogliÓns, as well for other excursions:
Monte Crostis, Pizzo Collina, Creta della Chianevate, the Volaia Lake via the sentiero Spinotti (green itiner.)


The Mt. CogliÓns group

Mt. CogliÓns (South side)

South east view from the Marinelli
( Timau - Mt. Croce Carnico)

Western side view from the Marinelli
(walking or biking from Collina)

North eastern view from the Marinelli
(Creta Chianevate and Pizzo Collina)

Easy to get there - Airports nearby:
Scheduled or Low cost Flights from:
UK, Germany, Cekia, Hungary, France, Denmark, to Triest.
More flights to Klagenfurt(A); Ljubliana (SLO); Venice (I); Treviso(I).

About 2 hours transfer from each Airport to Collina / Rifugio Tolazzi. Easy drive on the motorway as far as Tolmezzo. Normal well kept roads from Tolmezzo via Ovaro - Forni Avoltri - Collina - Rifugio Tolazzi.
Wide FREE parking available.
From here there is a less the 2 hours walk (yellow itinerary on the map) to the Marinelli.

Torre and Creta della Chianevate

Creta della Chianevate - Pizzo Collina

View from the Spinotti Trail
(Green itinerary on the map)


Car or Coach Transfer from Airports to Collina.
The cheapest way is to Rent a car at the Airport:
Click here for Car Rentals
For groups we offer Minibusses from 16 to 50 seater deluxe Coaches. Quotation on request.

The Carnic Alps (Alpi Carniche in Italian, are a large mountain range in the Southern Alps. The Highest point is the Mt. CogliÓns.
The geology of the Carnic Alps is very complex.
All the area was covered by seas twice for long amounts of time. The first of these seas covered today's Carnic Alps in the Ordovicium Age. Sediments were formed and 460 million years ago a first "event" triggered the first build-up of mountains in the area. A porphyry plate was pushed over the sedimentary rocks. Remains of this plate can still be seen along the main ridge.
Erosion did away with most of the built-up mountains. Some 350 - 400 million years ago the second sea started to cover the area and overall it lasted 200 million years. This was the so-called Thetis Sea which also is responsible for the creation of the Dolomites. Huge coral atolls were formed the remainders of which are the mountain groups of the Dolomites. 200 million years ago the final formation of the Alps began. And here the Carnic Alps Area again was special. The mountains were kind of folded upwards, but this action took place in the form of waves which often overtook each other. With the waves "breaking" over the fault line the layering of the rocks became more and more complicated. Suddenly (thinking of it on a geological scale) old layers were sandwiched between younger ones, sometimes even layers of the same age several 100m apart with layers of all ages in between. And this is what you still can find in the Carnic Alps today. The area around the highest summit, Mt. CogliÓns (2782m) is the most complex, and thus most interesting.


              South view from the Marinelli (Mt. Crostis)

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